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Slab Leak Repairs in Minneapolis, MN

There are many things that may go wrong in the area of plumbing. One of the worst is a slab leak. There are many reasons due to which it may occur. Although slab leaks are not common, shifting of the soil and aging of the plumbing materials can ultimately cause some failure in the system, leading to leaks. In some cases, breaks in the slab may itself be a reason for leaks. Therefore, choosing a proper plumbing company is always necessary. When you suspect a Slab leak, always make sure the entire water source is turned off. The location of the leak must then be detected, and pipes must be repaired, or even replaced, which is a difficult job.

why us?

Our experts will get the job done right and prevent any further damages. From replacing the broken pipe to laying down more concrete, the master plumbers at Sabastian and Sons Plumbing Services will have your slab leak problems resolved in no time.
In the past, a plumber had to drill the entire foundation to repair the leaks. The tearing of the floors would make lots of mess in the house. However, today, new methods and technologies help plumbers find leaks, and modern tools make it easy to repair. We, at Sabastian and Sons, are the best plumbers you could find; we are equipped with modern technology and tools

Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, so count on us. We are a leading plumbing service provider around the area of Minneapolis for nearly 15 years now. Whenever you experience such leaking problems, just give us a call: (763) 657-9821, (952) 221-4029, (612) 615-3101

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